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Testing Capabilities

Analytical Environmental Services, Inc. is a full service laboratory accredited through NELAC, NVLAP Lab Code 102082-0, and AIHA LAP.

Our testing capabilities include routine testing of air, water, soil, waste and process materials for organic and inorganic constituents. We also provide a full range of asbestos and microbiological testing. Our certifications and accreditations allow us to provide services in several states to meet environmental compliance requirements.

We maintain a USDA Foreign Soil Permit that allows us to receive and analyze soils from outside the contiguous United States.

AES is staffed with over one hundred highly qualified professionals with diverse educational background and are committed to upholding the highest standard of ethics, accountability, and trust.

We understand that not all projects or scope of work are routine and that techniques need to be developed to provide the services that our clients seek. We has the resources and expertise to provide most services requested by our clients.


AIHA Accredited