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Data Management

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Analytical Environmental Services, Inc., Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is the most critical and essential tool in the operation of the laboratory. AES utilizes a highly configurable, feature-rich LIMS software that forms the backbone of our information management. All core functionality is included in one unified LIMS. Our LIMS has an established hierarchy of security that is password protected.

The LIMS automates most every phase of the laboratory operations, from sample receiving/log-in, holding times, due dates, instrument data capture, quality control, final reports and invoices. The LIMS is housed on a dedicated server to insure that both in-house users and on-line clients have access to their data on a high performance system.

AES’s LIMS provides:

  • Streamlined sample management
  • Automated instrument data uploading
  • Strengthed regulatory compliance
  • Enhanced reporting


AESACCESS offers clients immediate access 24hrs a day/7days a week to their analytical data through AES’s secure internet access data link. Features that are readily available via AESAccess include:

  • Complete Status Information
    From the minute samples are received at AES, clients are able to view sample and test information from a desktop or laptop PC. In addition, status information is available in real time, allowing clients to follow the progress of samples.
  • Immediate Access to Test Results
    AESAccess provides complete access to test results once approved by Project Management. AES Access also allows clients to upload and print Final Reports that are identical to hard-copy reports, saving valuable time and money.

AESAccess is quick and convenient. Clients interested interested in using AESAccess, may contact their Project Manager to obtain a secure password which they provide.

Electronic Data Deliverables (EDDs)

Analytical Environmental Services, Inc. offers a variety of Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) formats for both government and commercial clients. We offer a wide range of highly customizable formats to meet almost any clients need with relatively short lead times from format definition to implementation. AES’s technical staff is fully trained in format support and any associated electronic validation software programs, thus ensuring a high level of data integrity and contract compliance. Below is a list of the most common EDD formats request which are readily available:

  • Equis/EDP – Earthsoft Environmental Quality Information System
  • EPA Region 4 Format
  • Florida ADaPT
  • Client designed EDD specifications and spreadsheets.
AIHA Accredited